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Your Hostesses

Meet Kristina Facchin 











Kristina is the CEO and founder of Sacred Monkey

Massage and its resident spa facilitator. Kristina's love for healing others has led her to pursue a career in massage.  She studied for 3 years at Trillium College, and has 5 years experience mainly focussing on, relaxation & swedish massage.  She, also practices the healing arts.  Along with healing others, she is also an instructor in martial arts.



Meet Cat Thagard














Welcome and Blessed be Goddesses and Kings! I am the founder and CEO of Cat and Monkey Events as well as the founder and resident Witch of Niagara Witches and Pagans. A lover of People, nature, spirit and a  patron of the Arts I am also a Reiki Master, dancer, Drummer, artist and self esteem and positivity coach.


I encourage everyone to be free and creative in everything they do and to be true to the real YOU! Welcome to your home for creativity for the soul





Meet our Instructors

Meet Julie Murray
















What has brought you to this work?
I have had the ability to communicate with spirit from a young age. I have always been extremely intuitive, a gift that I use to help others. I grew up feeling awkward and different from everyone so I tried my hardest to ignore my gift so I could just be like everyone else. Since the passing of my parents, I have been guided on a path to help others through my readings. I have spent several years reconnecting with myself, discovering who I really am and why I am here. I have attended courses on meditation, medium-ship, reiki, crystals as well as spiritual healing workshops. I also

belong to several groups where we mentor each other on our spiritual awareness. My mission is to help others on their path in life, helping them find answers so that they can live a happy, love filled life.




Meet Candace Hawkshaw



















Candace was in corporate management most of her life building teams and leaders. She chose to leave all that behind and started her own business of wellness called Soaring Spirit, which is now called Know Thyself. She is a Weaver of Love, a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Guardian of Life, Unified Healer, Catalyst for Transformation, Soul Realignment Practitioner, Mentor, Author and a sought after guide.  She has travelled to Maui, Hawaii and Glastonbury, England to learn an evolved Reiki called Holy Fire. She is a mother of three daughters and a grandmother of nine. She loves nature, traveling, she dances like no one is watching. 

Meet Amy Paquette

Amy was a student of art for 4 years and has a fierce love for all forms of art. Magazine publishing, marketing department project management, as well as being an avid painter and multi media artist are just a few of her many talents. With a keen eye for colour and design while leading paint night she will show you how to create a one of a kind personal piece of art.